Palm Wheel Alignment was started by Johan Heyns in 1985. His main objective was to offer quality and honest service to all his clients.

In 1996, he passed the business down to his son Billy Heyns, who ensured that the high quality and standard of work set by his father was maintained. He accomplished this through hard work and dedication.

After the passing of Billy Heyns, his son, Michael Heyns, being the third generation to enter the family establishment now plans on continuing this legacy left behind by his father and grandfather.


Our mission is to create a personal and honest relationship with our local suppliers and clients. We believe in order to do this is to go the extra mile and to provide top class service to our clients.


To always perform to the best of our ability in delivering great work and service which will lead to great business relationships and resulting to us being one of the preferred Wheel Alignment and Suspension Specialists Centers in our local basin.


With a combined experience of 35 years, we at PWA can assure the safety and security of your vehicle after every service. We guarantee improved tyre economy and comprehensive wheel alignment and great service.

How wheel alignment is carried out, it’s by checking and perfecting the following 3 wheel alignment angels: · Camber angle: the angle at which wheels are tilted in or out in relation to the top of the tyre. · Toe angle: the angle at which the leading edge of a pair of wheels points towards (“toe-in”) or away from (“toe-out”) each other. · Caster angle: the angle between the pivot line to the upper ball joint and vertical. This angle affects how your steering wheel will return to its position after completing a turn.
Our aim is to correct these angels back into the alignment it should be. Within doing this you receive a detailed print out of what has been carried out on your vehicle.

We give a 10 000km warranty on our Wheel Alignment to our clients and encourage you to bring your vehicle back after you have added a further 8000km onto the last reading. We do this so that we can rotate and reset the alignment and ensure your safety and that it was carried out correctly and keep a constant record of your vehicle. We do this check complimentary provided you are still within your warranty time. It’s always best to keep your spec sheet close by and to check your kilometre reading to ensure you do not miss this.

This is our overall aim at PWA is to go up and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and return customers. We are in the hope by the time you leave our work shop that you have a better understanding of what and how important wheel alignment and your suspension is to your overall well being of your vehicle and your safety whilst driving.